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Commonwealth Citizens

Commonwealth citizens do not require entry visas but must be in good health, travel with a valid passport, and possess round trip or onward tickets. The exceptions to this requirement are citizens from the countries of Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Cameroon,Cayman Islands (BRIT) and Nigeria. Commonwealth citizens may stay for a period of up to six (6) months, provided they are in possession of a valid passport; are in good health; and hold a return or onward ticket to a third country. They may be granted an extension of up to twelve (12) months. A Commonwealth citizen who is the spouse of a Jamaican national may be landed unconditionally.

Other Foreign Nationals
All applicants within this category requiring tourist visas must apply through a Jamaican Embassy, High Commission, Consulate General or Honorary Consulate and produce the following:

  • National Passports (valid for (six [6] months minimum)
  • Completed visa application Form "J"
  • One (1) recent passport photograph (frontal view; no eyeglasses or headgear)
  • Valid re-entry visa to the United States of America or US Alien Registration Card (ARC/Green Card); OR proof of having satisfied entry requirements for onward destination (visas, tickets) if not returning to the United States
  • Required visa fee (cash or money order only)

Taiwanese Nationals are required to complete a form of Affidavit of Identity and submit an extra passport photograph in addition to the above mentioned. The affidavit form is supplied by the Jamaican Embassy or Consulate. Taiwanese Nationals may not travel on their passports to Jamaica. The visa is issued on the Affidavit of Identity and is required for entry into Jamaica. Note that they must have their passports and other documents for their onward destinations.

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