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North American Visitors

United States citizens may travels to Jamaica for leisure and business without Jamaican visas, provided they fulfill the following requirements:

U.S. Citizens
  • Have a passport or travel document valid for six (6) months minimum from the date of departure from Jamaica.
  • Have a return or round trip ticket to the USA.
  • Sufficient funds or means to support themselves and accompanying dependents for the duration of stay in Jamaica.
  • Should not be the subject of a certificate submitted to the Immigration Officer by a health officer indicating that for medical reasons, permission to land is not desirable.
  • Should not be of unsound mind.
  • Should not have been sentenced in a foreign country for any extraditable crime within the meaning of the Jamaica Extradition Acts 1870 and 1906.
  • Should not be the subject of a deportation order in force under Jamaica's Aliens Law, Chapter 9.
  • Should not be the subject of a landing prohibition order form the Minister of National Security of Jamaica

Documentary proof of the relationship between minors and adults may be required. Such documents must be the originals. Copies of birth and adoption certificates – including those certified by a Notary Public- will not be accepted.

Travellers are also advised that the period of stay is granted at the discretion of the Jamaican Immigration authorities. Frequent travellers to Jamaica should note that note once the cumulative number of days landed, exceeds 180 days in a calendar year, they are required to obtain a visa from the nearest Jamaican consular mission or post, prior to being re-admitted into Jamaica.

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